We are a trigger and parts supplier owned operated by a rifle enthusiast. 

Shoot First. Sell Later.

Ridgeline Defense is more than just a rifle trigger and parts site. For us, it’s a way of life. We are avid shooters, hobbyist, and tinkerers. We are proud, passionate, and make no apologies for our love freedom and firearms. 

As a shooter and an gun enthusiast, we are in position to help others get the most potential out of their ARs and AKs. 

Brands You Can Trust

Our motto is “Always be constructively dissatisfied.”  We are always looking for ways to make something better.

Ridgeline Defense only sells the brands that manufacture parts we personally use and trust on our  rifles. This how we ensure our customers they can count on them well.

The brands we offer include:

  • Geissele
  • ALG Defense
  • CMMG


To learn more, contact us at 714-264-5406, or ridgelinedefense@gmail.com